terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009

the fashion world has lost Gemma Ward

«Australian supermodel Gemma Ward has quit the industry after a series of media reports ridiculing her for gaining weight, reported The Sunday Telegraph.

According to the report Ward, who celebrated her 22nd birthday last week, has revealed via her agent that she does not intend to return to modelling.

She was photographed last week in New York wearing a print jacket, shorts and biker boots and looking more like a healthy young woman and less like an emaciated wraith. Ward had previously been criticised for being too thin in the early part of her career.

The photos were posted by international fashion blogger Bryan Boy and received an number of vicious comments on her new size and shape.

Ward's modelling agency in New York, Viviens, announced that the Australian had no immediate plans to return to the industry. 'Gemma hasn't committed to returning to modelling at any time soon', a spokeman said, adding Ward had the agency's full support.»

In 2007, Ward earned $3 million from her doll-face looks and was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 11th most highly paid model in the world.

The infamous photos:

Back when she was criticised for being "too skinny".

I sincerely hope she didn't quit due to the constant remarks about her weight. Some people are just mean and/or have a very distorted notion or reality. The girl is NOT fat. Yes, she has gained weight, but she's still far from being overweight.


Criticised for being "too fat".

I honestly think she's beautiful and hope she can have a brilliant career in whatever she chooses to do from now on.

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