sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010

Bangs, bangs, bangs!! Damn you, Nicole Richie!

I came across these photos of Nicole Richie sometime this week:

Yes, yes, Nicole is a style icon, her style is impeccable, her clothes are cool, her outifit in these photos is pretty hot, but.... I CAN NOT help but to envy her damn bangs!! I freaking love bangs. I've had bangs as a child, but when I was 11 my hair changed a lot. All of a sudden it went from very straight to wavy and then curly, so I gave up the short bangs as they required a lot of work.
However, I've had a flat iron for a few years and it makes me very, very happy as I can wear my hair curly if I decide not to do anything to it, or straight if I like.

(Suri Cruise totally stole my hairstyle a few years back, by the way).

After viewing those Nicole Richie photos, I started thinking about getting short bangs again. I have long, side-bangs now. I want short ones. Then I googled celebrities with bangs and saw these:

Kim Kardashian

Blair Waldorf, I mean, Leighton Meester. Oops. (love Blair)

I can´t resist any longer.... Bangs it is! Tomorrow, I hope.

Me, February 2009

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i have it too! :D *