quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

I've never kissed Katy but I like her!

Katy Perry has really grown on me and I'm actually becoming a fan. I don't LOVE her music, but Katy is just delightful. I now follow her blog http://katyperryblog.tumblr.com/. It's a fun blog with lots of videos and cute stuff.

I love Katy because she's bold and wears the craziest outfits but still pulls it off.

The food dresses are also growing on me. We need more craziness in the music industry. Just don't leave it to Lady Gaga. God, I hate Lady Gaga.

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Little Bo Peeep disse...

Oooo yeah Katy has some fabulous outfit <3
She's like a duplicate of Zoey Dechanel