terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2009

birthday dresses and online shopping (yes, again)

So.... my birthday is coming up and I need a new dress. A cool, hot but simple dress that no one else owns or has seen before. There's nothing I hate more than being askes "OMG that dress is so cute, is it from Zara?". God no. Not on my birthday, no way.

So, as I said before (many, many times), I couldn't recomend online shopping more. It solves all these problems. You just have to find great pieces at great prices. Today, I suggest Asos (www.asos.com).

These dresses are all between 20-40 EUR. Not bad, huh?

Nicole Ritchie wearing Asos

2 comentários:

Sara disse...

Olá! Gostei muito do vosso blog! Também vou fazer anos brevemente (18!) e queria saber se tens alguma sugestão, sobre como passar a data.
Amei os dois primeiros vestidos!
Também gostei muito da música, super original! Parabéns, vou voltar!

M disse...

Adorei os vestidos e também gostei muito do blog.